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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adakah saya seorang yang suka menyamar?

Tak rasa best ke menyamar?

Saya dah lama nak tulis satu entri ini, bertajuk Hendak Jadi Lebih Hebat. Tapi saya tak berkesempatan. Jadi sekarang saya akan share apa yang saya baca dan rasa menarik.

Perhatian : Jangan risau jika anda tak faham. Tidak faham tentang apa yang saya kongsikan di bawah tidak ada kaitan langsung dengan kecetekan pengetahuan anda ataupun dalamnya keimanan anda. Apa yang saya kongsikan di bawah hanyalah serpihan maklumat dari maklumat yang sangat banyak dan detail, dan penuh dengan terminologi.

Dipetik dari Personality pathways

Personality Type Paradoxes - An I/ENFP example

These natural changes and growth in adults account for the apparent paradoxes we sometimes observe in people of all types. Development of the NeTe face of INFPs accounts for the "coolness" and "detachment" we sometimes observe in them. INFP mid-life changes, such as an increasing desire to organize and take charge of one's life or to stop being used as a doormat by others, are consistent with this developing outer NT. Some INFPs have become quite proficient in masking their "true feelings" with their NT face. This same facility in their ENFP cousins has them able to mimic ENTJ stereotypical behavior. They can assume control, take charge of a situation, make the hard decisions, and move on with their job. They can have masterly control over lawyer-speak, slicing careful nuances in meaning and logic. Even though they prefer Feeling over Thinking, they can become and are competent attorneys.The NeTe face on ENFPs and INFPs also explains why these two types are among the top four types having home pages on the Internet (From data on Doug Ingram's Personality Index page. The other two top four types are INTJ and INTP). While NFPs are people-oriented folks, many are drawn to latest technology and technological gadgetry of all sorts - which I ascribe to their extraverted NT face.

Let's look at the other primary I/ENFP face (SF). The SF pattern suggests a persona more consistent with the "traits" frequently ascribed to ENFPs - the warm, fun and people loving side of their personality who can very much live in and enjoy the moment. INFPs more typically keep the SF face hidden, yet it provides the energy for their participation in helping professions, all kinds of nurturing activities, and their interest in performing arts and arts and crafts work in general.

I/ENFPs who have developed both their NT and SF faces can present a capricious image of contradictions. They can engage in logical dialogue at a conceptual level (NT) and then a short time later engage in actions that seem to fly in the face of that discussion (because their SF nature was engaged). Extraverts seem to be particularly adept at turning either of these faces to the outer world - depending on the circumstances. At one moment, being able to talk and make the big picture, tough decisions and at another moment be warm, fuzzy, or empathetic are two sides of the same NFP coin. Yet this can be disquieting - conjuring up the image of false masks implied by the pejorative term "two-faced."

Jadi macam mana?
Saya nak tukar soalan "Adakah saya seorang yang suka menyamar?" kepada "Kan best jadi penyamar?"

Selamat malam.

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