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Saturday, November 29, 2008

This friend of mine…she’s cute, isn’t she?

This friend of mine…she’s cute, isn’t she? She’s short, and small, and also looks childish. But actually, she is the eldest in the family, a sister to 8 (or 9) siblings of hers.

Quite a big family she has right there. Undoubtedly, her family is very productive. Nowadays it is difficult to find a family like this one; even I myself only have 3 brothers and a sister (and I don’t feel there is any suggestion to add another member in the family, application is closed already).

Now, to the main questions that may arise: Why in the world I want to put her picture in my blog? What is my relationship with her? What is my motive?
Some of the reasons why I put her picture are:-

1. She just uploaded this picture, and I think this picture is interesting, so I put it here.

2. It took me quite a long time, knocking my head to find what my first post should looks like, until I found this picture. Instead of posting about bigger, controversial and problematic issues, or confusing-frustrating ideologies, better we post something simple first.

3. Oh, another main point that can’t be excluded – I want to promote my blog….=p [maafla yer ****, sape suruh ko pegi upload gambar nih kat friendster dgn facebook]

Honestly speaking, there was a time when I really liked her. At that time maybe what I said is the same as what other guys who liked her said, therefore the things which I said to her were left unnoticeable.

Or maybe because I am a loser?
Ugh, let’s not hope so.

Whatever the reasons there are, it is no longer a problem right now. I am her friend now, and she is my friend now. No more, no less.

However, recently her ‘width’ [kelebarannya] keeps on increasing. And this phenomenon made me wondering about one of the basic concepts of life – usually men were attracted to women because of her appearance, but what if these women whom they like were no longer smart, beautiful (and sexy maybe)?

If there is a man, who still likes that one woman which no longer smart, beautiful, he must be praised and his action must be an example for everyone. Why? Because he accepts that woman as who she is, and his love is unconditional.

So here I am, suggesting my first ideology –

“love [saya tak tau apa perkataan lain, kalau dalam bahasa Melayu, saya akan cakap suka dan sayang] other people (family, friends) or other creations (cats, trees, cars) unconditionally”

That’s it. My first post. [dalam English…=p]

p.s – the symbol [ ] refers to secret language written in Malay language. If u don’t understand it, go learn.
p.p.s – anyone who support my ideology, feel free to leave ur comment here. And, if there are people out there who would like to join Team Ideologi Maher, send me email. I will reply back to you a.s.a.p. T.Q.