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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Personality test

I've found this test last week. Very interesting. Very-very interesting.


With me posting this thing up is like showing all my weaknesses (and my strength of course), so i feel kind of worried. But never mind la, this test is not necessarily true, so if someone wants to sabotage me then let it be.

You're an INFP

[The Idealist];(The Healers)

You focus deeply on your values and devote your life to chasing ideals... you often draw people together around a common purpose and work to find a place for each person within the group. You're creative and seek new ideas and possibilities. You quietly push for what's important to you, and rarely give up. You might be somewhat gentle or have a good sense of humor, you could be hard to get to know and overlooked by like to make the world more in line with your vision of perfection.

If you're a teenager, you probably have a bit of a rebellious streak. You might argue with others who hold different values than probably have a small close-knit group of can relax around these pals and be pretty entertaining, since you see the world in a different and special way... that's why your posts on the Storm Palace are so great!

Inner harmony is the most important thing to you. You're sensitive and loyal. You have a strong sense of honor concerning your personal values. You'd rather communicate your feelings in writing...

You do best in a flexible situation where the teacher/collegue takes a personal interest in like to interact with your peers, but not TOO much have both creativity and flexibility, and you like that about don't get bogged down by details...your job must be fun and it must be meaningful to don't wanna feel conspicuous so you'll sell yourself short just to avoid the spotlight...

You can be a gentle and subtle leader...being indirect and inclusive of don't confront people head-on, but rather work with 'em to get the job lead with your values in mind and let these guide don't like conflict, so you don't confront situations directly.. you'd rather wait for a situation to work itself out....

Leisure and kickin' back is really important to you. sometimes it is hard to separate work from play, huh? when you find a new recreational pursuit, you do a lot of reading up on it...most of your leisure things are done alone, like reading, listening to music, and even BBSing....when you want to be sociable, you can be very charming and outgoing..

Love is a very deep commitment to's not easily probably pick out flaws or are disappointed when he or she doesn't match up to your ideal as to what love should be like...first dates are very well set up to make sure everything is taken care of so it can be "just right." you might have a hard time sharing feelings about tell so many feelings inside that you forget to tell your partner that you love 'em or whatever....

If the relationship goes bad, you take it to heart, but probably don't tell many others about have a tendency to overreact, huh? Other things to watch for...don't get so caught up in your dreams that you don't consider others' might not adjust your vision to the facts of a may need a "reality check" once in a while... also, don't try to please everyone and be so hesitant to criticize... don't delay projects 'cause you're holding out for's not gonna come...don't get overly critical because no one matches your perfect ideals... you could lash out and it could get ugly.

INFP: "I Never Find Perfection"


also another link where you can go if u find this interesting :

and actually all thanks to adibah najihah for sharing about this in her blog. Go and visit her if you're interested! - a small, active girl which can motivates others "The Inspirers" =p

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